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Package Delivery by Santa Drone

The Santa Drone from Googz & Co. delivered a gift to the door of a happy customer this Christmas. It would be wonderful if we could deliver all of our packages this way. Maybe someday soon we will.

5 Gift Ideas for Finding Bigfoot Fans

5 unique, Bigfoot themed gifts that will certainly satisfy anyone interested in the legend of Bigfoot. From historic collectibles to fun Bigfoot graphic t-shirts you'll find it here.

Premiere of The Visitor

Finally rested up after an amazing weekend of filming and waiting to hear the results of the judging, the Googz & Co. team eagerly awaited the advance post on the official page for the 48 Hour Horror Film Project.

Making of The Visitor

As artists and designers, the crew at Googz & Co. are always looking for ways to challenge themselves creatively, so when the opportunity to participate in the first 48 Hour Horror Film Project was presented - Googz & Co. jumped.

5 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Zombies are always a favorite go-to Halloween costume. Why not make it unique? Here are 5 quick, zombified ideas to make your Halloween stand out.

Bigfoot Tiki Mugs

In the 1960’s people would go to restaurants Trader Vic's and order signature drinks like the Zombie or another favorite, the Scorpion. Drinks like that deserved serious mugs to serve them in.