• Glow in the dark Ghost Glow in the dark Ghost

    Glowing Ghost


    You Don't Scare Me!

    Boo! You don't scare me either. Fun shirt to wear on your next paranormal investigation. Show the ghost that you are not afraid. That you believe in ghosts and you are there to find out the truth. Ghost and letters glow-in=the-dark!
  • Sasquatch Actual Size Sasquatch Actual Size
    Everyone knows that Sasquatch have huge feet. Why else would they be also called Bigfoot? This fun, graphic t-shirt has an actual size Sasquatch footprint printed right on the front.
  • You will never outsmart the Squatch You will never outsmart the Squatch

    Never Outsmart Squatch

    A hipster look at the Squatch and his ability to never be outsmarted. This graphic highlights the famous Frame 352 image of a Bigfoot as captured by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin back in 1967. Text is overlaid in white in stylish hipster fonts and includes the location of that Sasquatch sighting, Bluff Creek, California.
  • Nain Rouge of Detroit Nain Rouge of Detroit

    Detroit's Harbinger of Doom Since 1701

    The legend of the Nain Rouge goes all the way back to 1701 when Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac founded Detroit. Cadillac crossed the Nain Rouge or Red Dwarf after being warned no to do so. The consequence, Nain Rouge put a curse on Cadillac and Detorit. Sightings of this little red creature have occurred many times over the years in Detroit. Always right before some sort of tragedy. Now each year the people of Detroit chase out the Nain Rouge at the Marche du Nain Rouge, symbolizing banishing the evil from their city.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Mash T-Shirt Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Mash T-Shirt

    A graveyard smash!

    While working in the lab late one night, I designed a shirt with an eerie sight. A googz-eyed Ogre perfect for wearing to a spooky party or doing the Transylvania twist. This shirt will make you stand out. Especially since it has a glow-in-the-dark graphic. Catch on in a flash with this monster Mash, glow-in-the-dark, graphic tee.
  • Gone Squatchin Gone Squatchin

    Gone Squatchin

    When you are out finding Bigfoot let people know that you have Gone Squatchin! Sasquatch icon graphic at the tree line where many Sasquatch sightings occur. Pack your camera and this shirt when Squatchin to make finding Bigfoot easier. Then be sure to capture that selfie of you and the Squatch and share with Googz & Co.
  • In honor of all those late night Bigfoot expeditions searching for Bigfoot under the moonlight and letting out WHOOOOPS hoping for a callback. Shirts are heather green with forest green graphic
  • Believing in Bigfoot 1967 Believing in Bigfoot 1967

    Believing Since 1967

    A Sasquatch themed t-shirt that is based on the Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin Bigfoot film that was captured in Bluff Creek, California on October 20, 1967. This graphic t-shirt design captures that famous Bigfoot sighting and passion for the ongoing Bigfoot research to this day.
  • Alien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-Shirt Alien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-Shirt

    Aliens, Bigfoot and Ghosts exist – believe it!

    Three classic Googz-eyed icons of the most popular legends in the extraterrestrial, cryptozoology and paranormal worlds, together on a shirt that shows you're a believer.