• Dashboard Zombie Dashboard Zombie
    This walking dead figure with it's spring loaded neck and arms, is a reminder that zombies are unstoppable, brain craving, monsters. Adhesive base attaches to your dashboard or on top of your computer as a warning to the corporate zombies swarming around your desk.
  • Dracula's Castle Vlad - Dracula Magnet
    Some of our favorite folklore is about Dracula and when we saw these magnets on our trip to Transylvania we knew we had to bring some home. The real life Dracula, known as Vlad Tempes, was born in the Heart of Transylvania, Sighi┼čoara, Romania to be exact, in 1431. These magnets were hand-picked and brought back from Transylvania by our Googz & Co. product explorers. These authentic Transylvania mementos are great for true Dracula aficionados, but don't delay getting one since there are a very limited number of them available.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Mash T-Shirt Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Mash T-Shirt

    A graveyard smash!

    While working in the lab late one night, I designed a shirt with an eerie sight. A googz-eyed Ogre perfect for wearing to a spooky party or doing the Transylvania twist. This shirt will make you stand out. Especially since it has a glow-in-the-dark graphic. Catch on in a flash with this monster Mash, glow-in-the-dark, graphic tee.
  • Zombie Survival Flask Zombie Survival Flask
    The Zombie Survival Flask makes a perfect addition to your zombie apocalypse survival plan. Carabiner on the lid allows you to attach as many of these water bottles as needed to your zombie apocalypse bug out bag. Leaving your hands free to fight off any zombies after your brains or the walking dead in your path.