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Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is such a vibrant and beautiful way to celebrate the lives honoring the deceased, that it has grown in popularity. The traditions of the Mexican holiday include decorated sugar skulls that have now become well known to us here in America. If you are drawn to the spiritual side or even the just for the distinctive designs we are excited to share this tradition..

Here are some of our Day of the Dead items

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

When traveling the globe searching for mysterious legends and fascinating stories of the world, the tradition of celebrating Day of the Dead captivates the team at Googz & Co. As explorers to see how an amazing culture respects their departed so differently from many other cultures. Then as artists, Googz & Co. truly appreciates the creativeness that go into all the decorations during these festivities. A perfect combination of senses that inspires us to share this folk art with you.

This feeling is definitely not just something that we are in tuned to. Over the last few years the popularity of Day of the Dead has exploded. With Dia de los Muertos occurring at the tail end of Halloween many people tend to associate the tradition with this other favorite holiday. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for this expansion into the mainstream. Especially when you see Day of the Dead decorations mixed in with the Halloween items come October.

With Halloween comes costumes and that mixing of the two holidays has provided a perfect opportunity for expressing your artistic side when it comes to facepainting. From simple to elaborate, people can really express themselves incorporating many of the colorful and recognizable symbols of a Day of the Dead skull into their designs. There is not one perfect arrangement, just a style that gives it a signature look.

Another favorite piece are the Sugar Skulls. Used in the adorning of altars (ofrendas) along with other things such as candles, wild marigolds, and big Day of the Dead breads called pan de muerto. While the real ones are made of sugar, you will find many versions that can be painted and kept for years.

Our DIY Sugar Skull is the perfect gift to test out your creative side. Get one for yourself or a few to have a painting night with friends. Either way we know it will be a unique decoration for your home any time of the year. Please share your creations with us by using #googzco.