Unity in the Bigfoot Community


Unity In The Community

It started with thinking about the historic 50th anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film that was captured in October 1967. Knowing I wanted to do something special I started designing a 50th anniversary graphic to be used for the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. Then news spread about Yams (Tom Yamarone) having a health major concern. Quickly the graphic was modified to encompass not only the 50th, but something greater, Unity In The Community!

Knowing unity is one of the issues Yams has been an advocate for unity I am asking that in this special year in Bigfoot history we all show our unity in Tom’s honor.

Unity in the Community #yamsrocks

The Conference Challenge

With the exposure that comes from the number of great Bigfoot conferences that take place across the country each year, this is the biggest opportunity to show Unity In The Community. That is why this challenge is for all the conference organizers out there to consider using the Unity emblem for their 2017 conferences. The Ohio Bigfoot Conference and Texas Bigfoot Conference both have agreed to do this out of the gate.

In addition to using the emblem go a step further and add a short message about Unity in The Community to the speaking agenda of the conference.

Contact us below to obtain permission to use our image for free to promote your conference.

The Team Challenge

Over the years numerous teams or groups have formed to really expand the territory that is being researched. Let’s work together to now share all that experience. By sharing and working together we can learn from others, increasing the abilities and knowledge at a faster pace than if we stay secluded in our approach.

If you are in a Bigfoot Group reach out to another group and see if you can plan an outing together. Take turns showing the techniques and tools we use and see if new ideas can be uncovered by mixing the best of both groups.

Contact us below to obtain permission to use our image for free to promote your group.

The Personal Challenge

As individuals let’s think of ways we can show UNITY. In the field or on facebook, remember that together we have more knowledge and experience. That any type of work to assist finding evidence is important. Some of us live near areas of known activity and can get into the woods on a regular basis. Others are great at uncovering historical data by reading and watching. One is not greater than the other.

Reach out to others and see where your interests and skills can compliment what they are good at. Together perhaps you will bring new ideas to the community.

Contact us below to discuss using the image for personal projects. Permission will not be granted if used to promote yourself or used commercially.

Unity in the Community
Unity in the Community
Unity in the Community