The Story Behind Googz & Co.

Googz & Co. is the creation of artist and explorer, Michael Esordi. Years of traveling the globe researching mysterious legends and designing for the Bigfoot community over 20 years is coming together in another unique project.

From an early age Michael was always traveling and exploring. From family road trips to childhood adventures in the forest behind his house, his imagination was always in full swing. This hasn’t changed. After graduating from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, he headed south and then shortly after west. Landing in San Diego at the time when his design career was about to take off. In fact, it was there that he had the opportunity to travel to the Redwoods in northern California to art direct a photoshoot. Not missing the chance to explore, Michael decided to look into the legend of Bigfoot since it was a curious memory from childhood. After interviewing some eye-witnesses and visiting Willow Creek, home of the Bigfoot Museum, Michael was hooked and has been involved ever since.

At that time in the mid 90’s the internet was just beginning to make it’s mark. Yet, Michael was there to push the limits of what could be done on-line. Quickly establishing one of southern California’s leading web design studios. Knowing what could be done and being interested in searching for Bigfoot, it was clear that starting an on-line store featuring Bigfoot related items would be fun. Bigfoot Surplus was launched.

Over time and with the ever changing field of digital design and marketing, Michael moved back to the east coast and continued his career as a designer. However, moving from the west left a hole in the explorer’s soul. It wasn’t long that Michael decided to expand what he was doing with Bigfoot Surplus and cover the paranormal, cryptozoology, extraterrestrial, monsters¬†and folklore. This turned into a company named Believe It Tour. The idea was to travel the globe to research and document mysterious legends. As usual there was a design portion to the company and Esordi’s childhood drawing style of putting googz-eyes on everything had a new home. Characters other than Bigfoot started being created to go along with the theme of their travels.

Fast-forward and you find the creative mind at work again. This time by combining all the projects into two focused companies. Brite Yellow is where Michael and his equally talented and adventurous wife, Diana Esordi, work with groups around the world to share their local legends and foster global friendships. The merchandise arm is now Googz & Co. Bringing the best of Bigfoot Surplus, the Believe It Store and other side projects under one exciting new venture.

This is only the beginning. Googz & Co. will be expanding the product line to really highlight the art of Michael Esordi and bring in fresh creative under the likes of Diana Esordi and their pool of artist friends. Let us know what you think of our legendary goods and please share with your friends!

Mike Esordi and Bigfoot
Diana and Willow Creek Bigfoot
Story of Googz & Co.