Blue Bell Camo n

Since moving to Louisiana I have had the opportunity to try a flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream and I have to say they make a great tasting ice cream. So when they announced a special, limited edition flavor it was no surprise that people would be excited to find it.

Being an explorer I was up for the challenge to hunt out the legend of Camo ‘n Cream ice cream. After no hint of the green, tan and brown swirl at the first few locations, I finally came across the telltale sign that I was close to capturing one. That’s right the cleared shelf in the frozen aisle. I was close, if I moved quick I could possibly get a glimpse of the elusive carton.

It was off to the next closest grocery in an attempt to find it were it might be hiding from the crowds. Feeling like this was the place I peered through the frosty glass of the Blue Bell end cap. A sale had caused a display of many of their classic flavors stacked row after row, yet visible evidence of Camo ‘n Cream.

A quick turn I was down the regular ice cream section of the store. On my approach I noticed another hunter, that I could tell has also on the same mission as I. Curious to know if he was on the track or not I said, “looking for the Camo ice cream, huh?” He told me he has been on the trail all day. His 4 sons were desperate to have some and they were working as a team to make that happen. Yet no luck.

Now having been on so many Bigfoot and other mysterious crypid expeditions, I knew that you can’t give up easy. That you have to put in the time and research if you want even a chance to find what you’re searching for.

Having a felling about that end cap I had to go back and set up camp. This time I went deeper into the cold, pushing aside the Homemade Vanilla, The Great Divide and even one of my favorites, Buttered Pecan. Just as I was starting to wonder if this Camo ‘n Cream flavor existed at all, in the back, dark corner I saw the letters C-A-M, and I quickly reached all the way back and grabbed it before it could get away. It was real I almost froze in place when I saw it, but my adrenaline kicked in and made the catch.

Knowing that there was still someone in the store that would be as excited as I was I pulled out the last two gallon containers and went to find that other hunter. He was just down the aisle on the phone getting some recon info from his team. Thinking he wouldn’t mind if I interrupted, I burst out “I FOUND IT!” He was thrilled I was offering half my catch and was off like us to head home to see what all the talk was about.

On the drive home I couldn’t help thinking how appropriate it was that Blue Bell Camo ‘n Cream was so difficult to find hidden in it’s habitat. Pure genius to make a flavor of ice cream so different, one that any hunter would have to have. I know all the hunters I know, whether they hunt ducks or Bigfoot will love this carton with the camo pattern. Too bad you can’t pack it into the woods.

For those of you that are lucky enough to find this tasty mix of pistachio almond, cream cheese, and milk chocolate ice cream, be sure to comment and let us know of  your adventure.