Open Letter to the Bigfoot Community

Unity in the Community #yamsrocks

Dear Friends,

Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder how my good friend Yams (Tom Yamarone) is doing and I’m touched seeing all the support he is getting from the community. For those that know me well, I’m not much for posting on Facebook what I’m doing as I’m more of an “action behind the scenes” type of guy. With that said, please don’t think Diana and I are not concerned by the news of Tom’s recent health issue.

In fact, since I first heard the news about Tom I have been thinking of how I can do more than just make a donation. I knew that doing something bigger would help him even more on so many levels.

Well, the idea of what I could do finally came to me. I have been working on the theme for the 50th anniversary of the Patterson film for the Ohio Bigfoot Conference merchandise. Knowing this is a big year for the Bigfoot community I thought maybe we could all do something that I know would mean the world to Tom and that he would appreciate deeply.

Ever since I’ve known Tom and we go way back, he and I have talked about the Bigfoot community being stronger as one community rather than as a bunch of disjointed groups with conflicting agendas. Yams is always the guy to support anyone or any group in the name of unity and he helped to create that unity through his music.

In addition to the donation Diana and I have made, I am putting out this challenge to the Bigfoot Community.

The design for this year has been modified to convey one message, Unity in the Community! In Tom’s honor let’s take this anniversary year to strive to support one another’s efforts in Bigfoot Research. No in-fighting, no bashing, just support for one and all, using Tom’s vision as the model.

On behalf of our company, Googz & Co. we will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference t-shirts to Tom’s recovery. Googz & Co. will also be including a portion of the pre-order proceeds of the special gold edition 50th anniversary cast, Unity stickers and tote bags to the fund. Pre-Orders end April 7, 2017.

On a larger reaching scale, I will make the UNITY design available for free to any of the Bigfoot groups planning on doing event t-shirts this year. It would be a great mark of solidarity to see Unity in the Community. I already have the support of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and the Texas Bigfoot Conference, so please let us know if you want to be part of the Unity in the Community project.

Please feel free to share this post on Facebook and within your groups to support Unity in the Community for Tom Yamarone.


Michael Esordi