From the creators of Bigfoot Surplus and Believe It Tour, Googz & Co. will certainly be an exciting new shopping experience for fans of the paranormal, cryptozoology, ufos, monsters and myststrongious legends.

As the originator of Bigfoot merchandise on-line, Bigfoot Surplus founder Michael Esordi will continue designing original and creative Bigfoot related merchandise here at Googz & Co. Combining those items with the fun products he has developed for the store at Believe It Tour, all with that distinctive, googz-eyed style.


Bigfoot Surplus now Googz & Co.


As Believe It Tour transitions into the educational model of Brite Yellow and the other stores Esordi was maintaining needed updated, merging was an obvious decision. So Googz & Co. is born. Named for the googz-eyed art style of Esordi and the plan to showcase other designers, we are sure you will enjoy the exciting new items being added to the store.

As always, Sasquatch will be our star, including the expansion of the Bigfoot Cast collection and other new collectibles. We will also be assembling one of the biggest supplies of Krampus gifts – one of our favorite holiday characters. Don’t worry we will keep adding to the usual suspects: Zombies, ghosts, and lake monsters. Plus introduce you to some new legendary icons like Detroit’s own Nain Rouge.

Let us know what you think of the new store and what your favorite legends are. Contact Googz & Co.