Mothman Festival Sightings

Several years ago, back in the early days of the Mothman Festival, Googz & Co. decided to accept the invitation to be a vendor at the event. The decision was our way of showing support to the Mothman Museum for the help they provided while the crew was in Point Pleasant doing research on Mothman sightings. The wealth of information available at the museum turned out to be of great value to us. This was our chance to give back and support that community.

Our first Mothman Festival was ok, but it was more of a typical street fair than a cryptozoology themed event. In other words, most of the people that visited our table didn’t understand any of the cryptid merchandise we carry. It was fun being in Point Pleasant, but way more work than it was worth as a vendor.

That was years ago. Then recently a friend of ours told us how much the event has grown and how focused on Mothman the event has turned out to be. With that encouragement, we decided it was time for Googz & Co. to give the streets of Point Pleasant, West Virginia another shot. We quickly contacted the Mothman Festival organizers and committed to be vendors once again.

This trip back proved to be a great decision. We had so many excited customers stop by the Googz & Co. table that we almost didn’t have time to enjoy the festival food, the kind of sinful pleasures you can only eat at events like this. Fried everything!

It was also promising to see how many cryptozoology fans were there. Our table was right next to the famous Mothman statue in the center of town and the line to take a photo and prove your Mothman sighting was non-stop. We even had several people stop over and share their stories with us. Mostly Bigfoot experiences, but interesting as always.

With the success Point Pleasant is having together with the success of our sold out Mothman t-shirts and stickers, you will have a Googz & Co. sighting at the Mothman Festival in the future.