Official 2020 Ohio Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt

Conference is back on and we are rushing to make sure you have a shirt for the occasion. In fact, we are also making sure you have a mask for the occasion as well as face coverings are required to attend the conference.

The design this year can be ordered on a Tie-Dyed shirt or standard solid color.

Pre-Order Ends Sunday, July 26

In an abundance of caution we are taking a different approach this year and ALL shirts will be per-ordered and shipped directly to you. We are working with the printer to do everything we can to have your orders in your hands a few days before the conference. 

Official 2020 Ohio Bigfoot Conference Masks

Since masks are required for the conference we are offering matching masks to go along with your t-shirts. Plus a few other Bigfoot favorites. The masks are being printed by a different vendor so you must place a separate order from your shirt orders.