Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2017

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Official 2017 Ohio Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt

This year’s shirt celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin film. It is also celebrating Unity In The Community, a campaign Googz & Co. founder Michael Esordi has started in honor of  Tom Yamarone (Yams).

Shirts are black and printed in metallic gold ink!
Unity in the Community logo on front, Ohio Bigfoot Conference speakers design on back, and  #YamsRocks printed on the sleeve.

Pre-Order Ended Friday, April 7, 11pm cst

Shirts ordered with shipping will be shipped during the week of May 8 and pick up orders will be available at the conference.

If you missed the order there will be a few extras available at the conference. Go to the Googz & Co. table for availability.

Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Special 50th Anniversary Bigfoot Cast

Continuing with our original idea of a having special edition cast for the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Googz & Co. has created a very special gold cast with custom inlay. The emblem celebrates the 5oth anniversary year of the Patterson/Gimlin film from Bluff Creek in 1967. The actual cast used for this edition is the famous one from the film site. It has been painted in metallic gold and then antiqued to give it a distressed, aged appearance. Each cast is hand painted by the artist, Michael Esordi.

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Ohio Bigfoot Conference