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Bigfoot Footprint Casts and Other Mysterious Tracks

Bigfoot Footprint Casts

We carry all the famous Bigfoot footprint casts plus a few of the more obscure tracks too.
One of the most famous track casts that we have in our collection is the Roger Patterson / Bob Gimlin film site track from Bluff Creek, California. It was October 20, 1967 when Patterson and Gimlin were out on horseback looking for evidence of a Bigfoot and that is exactly what they got. For most Bigfoot researchers this is the benchmark for all other Bigfoot pictures and videos.

It was smart thinking on Bob Gimlin’s part to protect these tracks after they had this amazing Bigfoot sighting. This action allowed several of the footprints to be cast in plaster on a return trip to the film site. Having a copy of one of these Bigfoot footprint casts in your collection is a must for any Bigfoot enthusiast.

Other Mysterious Tracks

In addition to the Patterson Bigfoot Footprint Casts, we also carry other cryptozoology tracks

One of the other unique footprint casts that we offer is the Eric Shipton Yeti Footprint Cast from the Himalayan Gauri Sankar Range. The only true evidence of the huge footprints Shipton found in the snow is photographs and the stories that go with them. It was later when Wladimir Tschernezky recreated the track based on the photographic evidence. This is a copy of that famous reconstruction.

The collection is growing with the inclusion of the Bigfoot knucklele print as well as some we soon will have available on the site.

In addition to the traditional plaster casts, Googz & Co. artists bring you special edition versions to serve as a collector piece. A unique piece of art that can be showcased in your man cave or Bigfoot evidence room.

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Bigfoot footprint casts