Shipton Yeti Track Cast

///Shipton Yeti Track Cast

Shipton Yeti Track Cast


This historic Yeti track cast molded from the details of the Eric Shipton Abominable Snowman or Yeti footprint photograph is a must have for any cast collector or yeti history buffs.

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Eric Shipton Yeti Footprint Cast
Himalayan Gauri Sankar Range

The Story behind the Shipton Yeti Footprint Cast
During the reconnaissance expedition of Mount Everest in 1951, British Himalayan mountaineer, Eric Shipton found large footprints in the snow. The only evidence of these tracks taken from the location were the stories and some photographs. One photo of a single print, along with a ice axe for scale, is the most famous.

Were these tracks made by Yeti (Abominable Snowman)?
The photos have been subject to much debate. Some say this is the best evidence of Yeti’s existence, while others believe the footprints were that of a typical animal and distorted by the melting of the snow. 

As others began to research this as possible Yeti evidence their hard work unfortunately caused some confusion in the field. Only photographs were taken at the site of the prints. No casts were made at the time. The casts were created years later.

Wladimir Tschernezky reconstructed the print based on details of the photograph for study. His version is a left foot, matching the prints in the snow of the Gauri Sankar Range. The version available here is of a right foot. Perhaps constructed to allow for comparing to the Shipton Yeti footprint photo in directly side by side.

Confusion aside, this replica cast of a possible Yeti footprint represents one the top historical accounts of possible evidence the the Himalayan Abominable Snowman or Yeti does exist.

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