Greetings from the Krampus (Gruß vom Krampus)

Greetings from the Krampus (Gruß vom Krampus)

Although Krampus and the popular Krampuslauf are an old Alpine tradition in countries like Austria, the fascination with this holiday creature has spread to the United States.

The Googz & Co. founder was familiar with Krampus from having German, Hungarian and Northern Italian heritage. So when he started taking notice that Krampuskarten were becoming popular and that Philadelphia even started their own Krampuslauf, he was excited to start designing Krampus gifts in the googz-eyed style.

As traditions migrate, they take on their own flavor. We have Santa, who puts a damper on the Saint Nicholas aspect of this tradition. In the original folklore, Krampus is the devilish sidekick that accompanies Saint Nicholas every December. While good ol’ Saint Nicholas rewards the good little boys and girls, it is Krampus that puts the fear in the bad children. Stories are told of bad children feeling the swift strikes of the birch switch to Krampus stuffing them into his basket never to be seen again. All good reasons you want to be nice rather than naughty this holiday season!

Each year you will find another US city organizing a new Krampus Festival. For example, Los Angeles has gone all the way in. The Los Angeles Krampus celebration covers many days of December including a ball, Krampus art exhibitions and even concerts. All these events lead up to the Krampuslauf now very popular in California.

On of the most amazing sights to see are the incredible Krampus costumes that are created for the Krampuslauf. From Krampus masks to full body, fur suits the creativity that goes into the festivals is mind blowing. A signature accessory for every Krampus costume is the Krampusglocken or Krampus Cowbell. Before you even see Krampus coming you will hear the eerie clanging of the Krampusglocken ringing out to warn you that Krampus is coming. Cowbells in the US are different than the bells from Austria and Switzerland. In Alpine countries they are frog-mouth bells or froschmaul glocken. Wanting to be as authentic as possible Googz & Co. has designed a Krampusglocken in the Alpine style that you can wear on your Krampus costume or even ring at the next Krampuslauf you attend.

We also carry Krampuskarten or Krampus Cards as well as some hand sculpted Krampus ornaments and Krampus Pins.

Excited to announce we are the sponsors of the New Orleans Krewe of Krampus.