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Order Now! Orders will be taken up to 11pm Sunday, October 23.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the 2016 Texas Bigfoot design we are going to try for a reprint. For those who still wanted one even after being sold out at the conference, now is your only chance. So be sure to order by the deadline. (Oct. 23)

***Please share this with your friends as we need to get at least 20 orders for this to happen. If you place an order and we do not reach the limit you will be issued a full refund.

Please note that items are not in stock yet and any orders for shipping will not go out until early-mid November.

Texas  Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt

Texas Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt

The 2016 Texas Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the original Bigfoot Conferences. Last chance to get the design that sold out at the conference.

Order A Texas Bigfoot Conference T-Shirt with Shipping

$20 ($6.85 shipping) $23 2xl, $24 3xl

Special Edition Bigfoot Cast

Special Edition Texas Bigfoot Cast

Continuing in our tribute to Texas, the designers at Googz & Co. have created this Special Edition Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Cast. The design was created to fit the 2016 Texas Bigfoot Conference theme. It has been hand painted on a plaster cast of of the Patterson-Gimlin film site track.

Order A Special Edition Texas Bigfoot Conference Cast with Shipping

$45 ($11.50 shipping)

DIY Painting Bigfoot

Photos are examples only. You will receive a blank, white creature to paint yourself.


Painting Bigfoot is back! Order your paint-it-yourself creature to decorate however you like.

Order is for a DIY blank, all white, Bigfoot sculpture. Photos show examples of how you can paint your creature to look like a Sasquatch, Yeti, Wild Colors or even a Zombie. Your imagination is your only limit.

The figure is 4″ tall and is a solid, white material. Comes packed in a box with a “Painting Bigfoot” label.

Most people like to use the inexpensive craft paint from your local arts and crafts store. Spray paint works well, too.

Order DIY Painting Bigfoot with Shipping

$10 ($3 shipping)