• Bigfoot Action FigureBigfoot Action Figure
    The Bigfoot Action Figure pays homage to a cryptozoological creature that just wants to be left alone. He's grown his hair out and lives off the grid deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. But, like some kind of obsessed paparazzi, we can't stop trying to get his picture. This 7-1/4″ tall hard vinyl Bigfoot Action Figure is the perfect thing to hide in the bushes of your backyard. Then you and your friends can dress up in camo and look for it. If you're lucky, you'll get your own TV series. Just don't bother the real Bigfoot, let him abide in peace. Intricate articulation allows it to be posed just like frame 352 of the famous Patterson film footage.
  • Dashboard ZombieDashboard Zombie
    This walking dead figure with it's spring loaded neck and arms, is a reminder that zombies are unstoppable, brain craving, monsters. Adhesive base attaches to your dashboard or on top of your computer as a warning to the corporate zombies swarming around your desk.
  • Dracula's CastleVlad - Dracula Magnet
    Some of our favorite folklore is about Dracula and when we saw these magnets on our trip to Transylvania we knew we had to bring some home. The real life Dracula, known as Vlad Tempes, was born in the Heart of Transylvania, Sighişoara, Romania to be exact, in 1431. These magnets were hand-picked and brought back from Transylvania by our Googz & Co. product explorers. These authentic Transylvania mementos are great for true Dracula aficionados, but don't delay getting one since there are a very limited number of them available.
  • Krampus Alpine CowbellKrampus Alpine Cowbell
    Attend a Krampus run or Krampuslauf and you will see and hear the Krampusglocken ringing out to warn the naughty children that Krampus is coming. You can't have an authentic Krampus costume without at least one Krampusglocken. In the United States cowbells are much different looking from the frog-mouth bells or froschmaul glocken used in the Alpine countries like Austria. The Googz & Co. Krampus Bell not only is in the Alpine style, but it even has Krampus printed on the side. Perfect addition to any Krampus costume or just to bring along with you to the next Krampuslauf.
  • Krampus OrnamentKrampus Ornament
    This sculpted, hand painted, Krampus ornament is the perfect decoration for all those who like to put a twist on the Christmas tradition. Krampus is quickly becoming a favorite holiday character and Googz & Co. has this devilish sidekick to ol' St. Nick covered. Hang a Krampus on your Christmas Tree or use them on your gifts as decoration. Your Krampus ornament order is sold by blind assortment and could be either Gold, Coal Gray or Alpine Brown. Each is hand painted and slight variations are typical.