• Alien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-Shirt Alien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-Shirt

    Aliens, Bigfoot and Ghosts exist – believe it!

    Three classic Googz-eyed icons of the most popular legends in the extraterrestrial, cryptozoology and paranormal worlds, together on a shirt that shows you're a believer.
  • Ghost Coin Holder Ghost Coin Holder
    Our retro squeeze coin holder made of durable rubber will help you make a stylish statement with our very own ghost icon. This coin purse is the original Quickoin, which has been made in the USA since 1951.
  • Halloween Ghoul Log Halloween Ghoul Log
    The Ghoul Log offers an eerie option to the traditional Yule Log. Whether for Halloween or a spooky Christmas this version can carry you from October through December. Play the continuous loop with your own music for a personal touch and party favorite this Halloween. There is also the ghostly version with our audio of creepy music and strange spine-tingling sound effects.
  • Glow in the dark Ghost Glow in the dark Ghost

    Glowing Ghost


    You Don't Scare Me!

    Boo! You don't scare me either. Fun shirt to wear on your next paranormal investigation. Show the ghost that you are not afraid. That you believe in ghosts and you are there to find out the truth. Ghost and letters glow-in=the-dark!