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No Tricks Here at Googz & Co. only Halloween Treats

October may be the month for Halloween parties and horror nights, but like you, we like to celebrate Halloween all year long. Our friends realize spooky gifts and decorations never go out of style. If you are looking for a store that has unique items and ghostly merchandise, then you have found the place.

Here are some of our Halloween items

Halloween Selection

We carry graphic t-shirts with creepy monsters and creatures of the paranormal. In a pinch you can always toss on one of our shirts, put on a little scary makeup and it will second as a Halloween costume.

You will also find items in our store that make unusual Halloween decorations or accessories for your Halloween costume. Who says a Witch or Ghoul doesn’t wear t-shirts with glow-in-the-dark graphics for the bobbing for apples contest.

Another holiday favorite has to be our “Ghoul Log” DVD. Googz & Co. founder, Michael Esordi, created this loop film and is available in our store. Everyone knows of the famous Yule Log video that plays on TV every year during the holidays. Well this is the eerie version that offers you an alternative for any holiday.

Planning a horror night or Halloween party? Buy yourself a copy of the Ghoul Log and play it on your big screen for the perfect, spine-chilling atmosphere. You can play version with the frightening soundtrack or run the loop version while playing your own Halloween playlist on the stereo.

Order your Ghoul Log today

We love to see how our friends incorporate Googz & Co. merchandise into their lives showing their unique style and individuality. Please share your Halloween pictures with us, even if it’s not at Halloween!