The Santa Drone from Googz & Co. delivered a gift to the door of a happy customer this Christmas. It would be wonderful if we could deliver all of our packages this way. Maybe someday soon we will.


Amazon recently announced that the online giant was working on their version of drone delivery through Amazon Prime Air. Googz & Co. wanted to beat them to the start of this technology trend.

You can tell by watching the video that we were having fun with the idea of using drone delivery to deliver a Sasquatch T-Shirt to the door of a customer. In true Googz style we even had to dress the drone as Santa. Check out his cool Santa hat in the video.

Is this crazy or is it the way of the future?

What do you think about having companies having drones flying around, delivering packages right to your door? Safety is the biggest concern right now for the government as they try to determine how to regulate the huge number of drones that are being sold to consumers. Use the comment find below to share your opinion on drone delivery.