• Alien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-ShirtAlien, Bigfoot, & Ghost T-Shirt

    Aliens, Bigfoot and Ghosts exist – believe it!

    Three classic Googz-eyed icons of the most popular legends in the extraterrestrial, cryptozoology and paranormal worlds, together on a shirt that shows you're a believer.
  • Believing in Bigfoot 1967Believing in Bigfoot 1967

    Believing Since 1967

    A Sasquatch themed t-shirt that is based on the Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin Bigfoot film that was captured in Bluff Creek, California on October 20, 1967. This graphic t-shirt design captures that famous Bigfoot sighting and passion for the ongoing Bigfoot research to this day.
  • Bigfoot Action FigureBigfoot Action Figure
    The Bigfoot Action Figure pays homage to a cryptozoological creature that just wants to be left alone. He's grown his hair out and lives off the grid deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. But, like some kind of obsessed paparazzi, we can't stop trying to get his picture. This 7-1/4″ tall hard vinyl Bigfoot Action Figure is the perfect thing to hide in the bushes of your backyard. Then you and your friends can dress up in camo and look for it. If you're lucky, you'll get your own TV series. Just don't bother the real Bigfoot, let him abide in peace. Intricate articulation allows it to be posed just like frame 352 of the famous Patterson film footage.
  • bigfoot knuckles castbigfoot knuckles cast
    Found by Paul Freeman this cast is unique in the fact that it is a rare handprint of a Sasquatch. One detail of importance is the edge of a fingernail that you can clearly see in the side of the thumb impression of this Bigfoot handprint. This Paul Freeman knuckles cast will make your Bigfoot print collection far more interesting when showing off to other Bigfoot enthusiasts.
  • bigfoot cupbigfoot cups

    Bigfoot Research Camp Cups

    These Bigfoot cups are stackable and packable which is perfect for camping at your favorite Bigfoot research spot. Large 16oz. capacity to keep full during those late night Bigfoot expeditions. Easy clean and pack so you don't leave anything behind. Order includes 4 cups
  • bigfoot stickers research truckbigfoot stickers
    Let people know you believe in Bigfoot. Put these quality, outdoor vinyl stickers on your Sasquatch Research Vehicle to make that statement. Great for gear boxes, school lockers, and bumpers. Set includes the original Bigfoot Surplus "Believe It" sticker, Patterson Frame 352 "Believing Since 1967", Bigfoot Field Research Team, Bigfoot Researcher and the Gone Squatchin' stickers.
  • Bigfoot Tiki MugBigfoot Tiki Mug

    Crypto-mixology Research

    The classic tiki mug style with our favorite cryptozoology creature, Bigfoot! For your man cave, around the campfire or just for everyday use. This Bigfoot Tiki Mug is the perfect way to serve your drinks. Smiling Sasquatch design comes in an illustrated box, making it a great gift for any Bigfoot fans.
  • Sale! Cryptozoology Keychain

    Cryptozoology Tracks

    Cryptozoology Tracks is a series of miniature footprints of a Sasquatch, Yeti, and a Skunk Ape. Sculpted to match famous footprint track casts of these elusive creatures. Select your favorite and purchase individually or save by getting the set. Perfect for your Bigfoot Research Mobile keys or attach to your research backpack.
  • Gone SquatchinGone Squatchin

    Gone Squatchin

    When you are out finding Bigfoot let people know that you have Gone Squatchin! Sasquatch icon graphic at the tree line where many Sasquatch sightings occur. Pack your camera and this shirt when Squatchin to make finding Bigfoot easier. Then be sure to capture that selfie of you and the Squatch and share with Googz & Co.
  • Lake Monster Water BottleLake Monster Water Bottle

    Save the Lake Monsters - Say No to Plastic Containers!

    This reusable, stainless steel water bottle can be used again and again. So every time you head out on a Champ search you will not be polluting the environment with plastic water bottles. From Flathead Lake to Lake Champlain, this blue bottle matches any lake you are searching for lake monsters.
  • Motorman Original PaintingMotorman Original Painting

    Wake up, Number Thirty Seven

    This original painting by Googz & Co. founder, Michael Esordi, has the classic Googz-Eyed style Michael is well known for. The subject of this painting is Mothman, a creature reportedly sighted in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. With sightings starting in 1966 a visit to Point Pleasant today you are more likely to see the Mothman statue in town - or are you? Mothman is painted on a collage of old newspaper reports that have been placed on a piece of wood with contrasting border.
  • You will never outsmart the SquatchYou will never outsmart the Squatch

    Never Outsmart Squatch

    A hipster look at the Squatch and his ability to never be outsmarted. This graphic highlights the famous Frame 352 image of a Bigfoot as captured by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin back in 1967. Text is overlaid in white in stylish hipster fonts and includes the location of that Sasquatch sighting, Bluff Creek, California.