5 Gift Ideas for Finding Bigfoot Fans

//5 Gift Ideas for Finding Bigfoot Fans

Looking for a unique gift for the person that loves Finding Bigfoot?

Here at Googz & Co. we have several Bigfoot themed gifts that will certainly satisfy anyone interested in the legend of Bigfoot. From historic collectibles to fun Bigfoot graphic t-shirts you’ll find it here. If you can’t pick from these 5 unique Bigfoot gifts we have many more under the Bigfoot tag.

Bigfoot Gift #1

The Patterson / Gimlin Bigfoot Cast

This is an authentic copy of one of the Bigfoot track castings made at Bluff Creek, California shortly after the famous Patterson-Gimlin film was captured.

On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin had an encounter in the northern California wilderness with a Sasquatch, which they captured on film. The 952 frames of 16mm film have become the most controversial, but convincing evidence of Bigfoot’s existence to date.

According to the historical record of the time there were ten footprints found during the October encounter and a number of castings were made from these. This a plaster copy of one of those alleged Bigfoot castings taken over 45 years ago.

Bigfoot Gift #2

You Will Never, Ever Outsmart the Squatch

Also based on the Patterson / Gimlin film is our hipster style graphic t-shirt. The large Sasquatch in the background is taken from frame 352 of 16mm film that Roger Patterson filmed back in Bluff Creek. The type reads, “You will never, ever outsmart the Squatch” and has Bluff Creek, Cali underneath.

The white and navy graphic is silk-screened on a high quality, 100% cotton shirt in light blue. It comes in several sizes so you can get one for each of your entire Bigfoot Research group. Do that and you will be the hit at the next gathering.

However, it just might be a reminder that when you have gone squatchin’ you will never, ever outsmart the Squatch.

Bigfoot Gift #3

The Sasquatch Summit – A tribute to John Green

A tribute to legendary sasquatch author, investigator and researcher John Green in his hometown of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada. This 2 DVD set includes a montage of the weekend and all 7 of the speakers at the event.

  • Dr. John Bindernagel
  • Dr. Jeff Meldrum
  • John Green
  • Thomas Steenburg
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Loren Coleman
  • Igor Burtsev

Bigfoot Gift #4

Bigfoot Knuckles Cast

Sure the Patterson / Gimlin film site cast is nice and a must have in any serious Bigfoot cast collection, but not many people can say they have a Bigfoot knuckles cast.

This handprint was found in Walla Walla, Washington back in June of 1982. It was located in the Elk Wallow area by Paul Freeman and measures approximately 10″.  After you notice the exceptionally large thumb, you will pick out the fact you can see an impression of the thumbnail.

Certainly a very unique gift that will offer hours of conversation discussing the existence of Bigfoot with your friends.

Bigfoot Gift #5

Bigfoot Sticker Set

Just looking to find a fun gift to send in a card or decorate the package? Perhaps a set of Bigfoot stickers is what you need.

Made of quality vinyl, the stickers will last outside so you can even place on your Sasquatch Research Vehicle to make a statement. Ideal on gear packs, school lockers, and car bumpers, this et includes the original Bigfoot Surplus “Believe It” sticker, a Patterson Frame 352 “Believing Since 1967″, Bigfoot Field Research Team, Bigfoot Researcher and the Gone Squatchin’ stickers.

The classic Bigfoot Surplus stickers are the last ones. After they’re gone you will have to find them at a collectors table at your local Bigfoot Conference. This one is only while supplies last!


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