Throwback to the mid-century American tiki bar, the Tiki mug is a classic. Restaurants like Trader Vic’s set the stage for this Polynesian style barware.

In the 1960’s people would go to these restaurants and order signature drinks like the Zombie or another favorite, the Scorpion. Drinks like that deserved serious mugs to serve them in.

Easter Island Moai or Surfing Wahine designed Tiki mugs always help transport you to that idyllic tropical way of life. Usually topped with a fruit garnish like a chunk of pineapple, how can you not feel like you’re on a beach enjoying the surf and the sun.

Now let’s recall another classic that also gained popularity in the 60’s. You got it… Bigfoot. It was October 1967 in Bluff Creek, California when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin captured the now famous film of a Bigfoot.

That wasn’t the first Bigfoot sighting, but it was the one that put Bigfoot in the ranks of popular culture. A legend that has made a comeback recently with the rise of Bigfoot research groups and TV shows. Resulting in the popularity of Bigfoot related souvenirs. Many Bigfoot Casts, like the ones available at Googz & Co., are the perfect item to decorate any man cave.

Tikis and Bigfoot what a bizarre yet curious combination. Why not? In fact, I’m now wondering why did it take this long to blend these two icons. A Bigfoot design carved into a Tiki style mug is now finally available and Googz & Co. is happy to carry them.

Here’s an idea, place your new copy of the Patterson Bigfoot Cast on your Tiki bar, in your man cave and serve your friends a Zombie in Bigfoot Tiki mugs.