Paint your own Day of the Dead Sugar Skull.

The original Googz & Co. blank skull fits in the palm of your hand to make it easy to paint. The first skull was sculpted with the signature googz eyes then a mold was made to create these lightweight, paintable copies. If you are looking for ideas on what to use to decorate your skull, we have found that the acrylic craft paints you find at any craft store work the great and they are very affordable. If you are looking for brighter colors on your skull, we recommend coating the skull with an acrylic spray paint, like Krylon. A flat white coat under the craft paints works awesome. Try using a clear gloss spray to give your skull a beautiful shine and a quality finish. Attaching items to your Day of the Dead Skull can be fun too. We have seen some exciting creations from previous customers that have used everything from glitter to found objects glued on. Share photos using #googzco to show off your creation!